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Hi and welcome to my illustrated world!!   I'm Lina Che, the mind behind Pretty Wild Ink. 

I am a passionate illustrator and designer, known for her creative thinking and exceptional concept development skills with a background in fashion, graphic and industrial design.

Inspired by an ongoing love for nature  along with an obsession exploring the female figure, I create playful and whimsical pieces that are distinguished by the use of clean and simple shapes.  My work is created with traditional materials (Ink, graphite and watercolor) as well as digital media (Photoshop and Illustrator). My images can be used in murals, book covers, logos, packaging, home decor, textiles and much more. 

Why Illustration?
I truly believe Illustration is a great - if not the best - way to communicate ideas without using words. It actually has the power to attract an audience faster by complementing texts or even photos making them    more interesting and clearer to understand. Besides, through an illustration you can build a unique voice and design authentic worlds. Not to mention you can create anything!! The only limit is your imagination.

    I am available for commissions and licensing work. If you wish to work with me you can contact me directly at linaillustration@gmail.com or you can drop me a line using the form here, I will be happy to get back to you as soon as I can :) 

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